Sunday, September 30           Noon - 6:00 pm Rain or Shine

Healing Arts Practitioners


Carla Blaha, Intuitive Medium

Carla will pass along messages that are specific to you and tell you what you are meant to know for the highest and greatest good. She can guide you with decisions and help you to open yourself to spirit. Carla receives her information in the form of symbols, impressions, feelings and a knowing.


David Bernstein, Chakra Assessment and Balancing

Along with sending you healing energy and bringing you to a relaxing place, David will assess each chakra, help with balancing and offer suggestions so that you can continue the balancing work on your own once the session is over.


Kathleen Ciriello, Sound Healing Attunement

Kathleen uses her beautiful voice by toning, and tuning forks. Toning allows the cells and molecules in the body to transform and heal. Tuning forks are used in energy healing to bring the body into harmonic balance.


Pamela Cucinell, Astrology for Perfect Timing

Plan your life instead of leaving it to chance. Acquire insights into your business and relationships.


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Internal GPS: Astrology as Your Roadmap  -  November 2 and 3

Pamela Cucinell is a Practitioner at Wainwright House


Lisa K, Angel Reading

Lisa will give you messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides. Ask life questions. Angel’s readings are non-denominational and Lisa is happy to provide the information you are looking for. Lisa K. is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D; as well as a Six Sensory Practitioner certified by Sonia Choquette. Lisa  is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Resonance Therapist™.


Lucy Marcella, Intuitive Spiritual Tarot Readings

Gain clarity in making decisions and get a clear picture of where you are going. Lucy is a 5-star intuitive with a down to earth personality. Her knowledge is real, practical and uplifting and she has worked with Tarot for over 40 years.


Janice Matturo, Open Dream Workshop [This is a Reservation Only Workshop]
Participants will be given a brief overview of the history of dreaming, introduced to the language of the dreamscape, and taught a quick and easy way to understand and share their dreams. Participants will gain hands-on experience, having the opportunity to practice their dream-sharing skills; participants will also experience the process of re-entering a dream for deeper exploration. Active Dreaming is a synthesis of shamanism and modern dreamwork based on the pioneering work of Robert Moss.


Dr. Oz calls Reiki "my favorite treatment that could change the future of medicine forever.”

Reiki is a balancing practice, done completely clothed in a quiet room, and is hands-off or incorporates

very light, appropriate touch with your permission. Your practitioner will talk to you before the treatment begins.


Julia Becker, Reiki

Julia Becker is a talented Reiki Master who takes delight in helping others. 



Eileen Savage, Reiki

Eileen Savage is an Intuitive Reiki Master and teaches Reiki at Wainwright House. Eileen is also certified in Animal Reiki and Level One Inter-dimensional Healing and trained at the Open Center in New York City. Eileen’s students say that studying Reiki with Eileen is transformational.


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Michael Rosenbaum, ACHT, MP. Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records readings do not predict the future but help you in the direction of your future, creating a blueprint for your next, natural steps. See your blind spots and progress towards growth and higher consciousness.


Michael is a Practitioner at Wainwright House

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Liz Smith, Psychic-Medium and Tarot

Liz uses a variety of specialty cards, some of them unique to her, to connect to spirit for messages and guidance to help you.