March 3, 10, 24,  31, 2019 I Wainwright House Inc

Introduction to Dream Interpretation

A 4 week course with Margot Jewers

Have you ever said, “I had the strangest dream last night,” and then wondered long afterwards it meaning?  Dreams can be puzzling on the surface but under closer examination they can shed light on all manner of things.  Through symbols and metaphors, puns and word play, dreams give us insights & guidance about your authentic self and life. They enhance creativity, impact our relationships & careers, problem solve, heal (physically, emotionally and spiritually) and can answer questions.  This illuminating resource of wisdom is accessible for all to make use of nightly and yet most overlook it.  Here is an opportunity to examine the wealth of gifts our dreams have to bestow upon us. 


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Sunday,  March 3, 10, 24, 31


About The Event

This 4-week intensive dream workshop is experiential and will make use of many fun dream exercises that teach you how to promote dream recall, journal your dreams and interpret them.  There are film clips, weekly dream themes, history of dreams and an overview of some dreams approaches from Freud, Jung, Cayce & Ullman.  There is a sacred space created with a brief meditation before each session to promote a safe, intimate and supportive environment. 

Each week bring a different dream & dress comfortably.

Week 1 Dreams 101

Discuss how to enhance dreaming and promote dream recall, learn how to journal dreams and set actions, a brief dream history will be presented and overview on dream incubation.  There will be several interactive group dream exercises and film clips.    


Week 2 -The House & Psyche

Learn about the influences that Freud, Jung and Cayce contribute to our understanding of dreams and consciousness.  Examining the House in Dreams. Dream Group Exercises.


Week 3 - Nightmares and Recurring Dreams

What’s going on when your dreams are screaming at you?  Or return again & again? 

Using Free Association, Amplification, Archetypes & IIWMD Approach. 

Dream Group Exercises. 


Week 4 – Extraordinary & Precognitive Dreams

Stories of precognitive dreams, visitations from the other side, and messages from one dreamer to another.  Discussion of how dreams have impacted innovation, creativity, inventions and so much more!  Dream Group Exercises.

ABOUT Margot Jewers

Margot Jewers, was born & raised in Nova, Scotia, Canada and has been an active dreamer, journaling her dreams for some 30 years.  She is a Certified Dream Practitioner through IDS (Institute for Dream Studies) and a member of the IADS (International, Association for Dream Studies).  Additionally, she is a Certified Holistic Life Coach since 2015.  She comes from a creative background as an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker.  She currently resides in New York City.