February 27 ,  March 27 , April 24 2019 I Wainwright House Inc

Inwardly-Focused Outwardly-Effective Leadership:  Five Practices

with Joyce Schroeder of Flourishing Culture Consultants

Today's organization asks a lot of its managers.  In addition to running the business, they need advanced people skills and the ability to facilitate change.  There are countless books written and classes offered on the topic of leadership. Yet, many don't go deep enough. This workshop puts forth the notion that leaders need to do internal work if they want to be outwardly-effective. This premise is presented and supported by organizational development thought and the latest research in the field of neuroscience.  


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Wednesday, February 27



Wednesday, March27



Wednesday, April 24


About The Event

The sessions are designed to maximize the participants’ learning experience. Concepts are presented and processed through exercises and activities.  Participants leave each session with a greater understanding of the work they need to do and clearly defined next steps. 

Learning Objectives:

Understand the role of leaders as shapers of culture;

Acquire an understanding that leaders need to work from the inside out;

Learn how the brain develops habitual ways of thinking; and

Discover practices, which help you break through these habitual ways of thinking so you can make more positive and informed choices.


Workshop Details

$250.  10 person max.

Price includes:

  • Two 2-hour sessions

  • Inwardly-Focused Outwardly-Effective Workbook and Journal

  • Two group coaching calls


Joyce Schroeder, M.S. brings to this practice a wealth of experience in organizational culture, which includes 16 years in corporate America and 19 years as an external organizational change consultant. It was her curiosity about groups and how they work that led her to this field. Committed to lifetime learning and honing her craft, she trained as a corporate coach, got her Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership and is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Over the past 19 years, she has helped industrial organizations transform their workplace cultures to achieve workplace safety. Ms. Schroeder specializes in designing and conducting targeted interventions to help organizations work through their cultural issues, which can undermine performance. She has extensive experience assessing the culture of an organization, setting up high-performing teams and conducting leadership workshops.

A frequent guest speaker, she has presented full-day seminars at various industry professional development conferences. Of particular note are the speeches she gave at the Con Edison Strategic Issues Seminar in April, 2014 and the plenary speeches she gave at both the 2012 and 2015 Earlham School of Religion Leadership Conferences and at the 2014 New York Yearly Meeting for the Religious Society of Friends.  

Ms. Schroeder started Flourishing Culture Consultants in July, 2016.  In this practice, she applies the lessons she has learned and the skills she has developed when dealing with large industrial organizations to all organizational groups.



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