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Wainwright Kayak Club

How To Join

How To Join

Become A Wainwright House Member

Our Kayak Club is only open to our valued Wainwright House members.

By joining the club you have the ability to launch your Kayak or SUP right from Wainwright! The calm tidal waters in front of Wainwright are a great place to paddle.

How To Join


Fill Out Kayak Club Form To Register

Register and pay for the kayak club by visiting and selecting Kayak Club.


Complete the wavier form.

How To Join


Launch + Enjoy

See more helpful tips below for success on the water! 

Club Members

Useful Information

​Where to Park...In the Carriage House parking lot. The entrance to this lot, is the second driveway after the stop sign.

Where to place your Kayack Club sticker...Place it any place in the back of your vehicle. 

Is there a bathroom I can use...The bathroom in the Carriage House is open for Kayack Members on Friday, Saturday and Sunday form 8 to Noon. Please don't use the bathroom in the mainhouse if you are wet and muddy. 

Do I need watershoes...No but they are recommended. 

Adventure Awaits

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