As Wainwright Battles for Its Survival, a Q&A with its Board President

Updated: Feb 23

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Fonrose House
Fonrose House, in foreground.

How is running a rowing program from your property any different from the various boating and other programs run from the three private clubs–American Yacht Club, Coveleigh Club and Shenorock Shore Club–on Stuyvesant Avenue?

Manheimer: The rowers have been training for seven years on Milton Harbor. Moving to Wainwright will not change what is already taking place on the harbor. The other clubs on Milton Point do not have teams of rowers and coaches using racing shells.

Wainwright Board President
Bob Manheimer, Board President

Rowing is a green sport and we specified in the proposal our intention to not add another gas-powered activity to the waters of the Harbor. Furthermore, Wainwright House is not a private membership club. We welcome anyone as a member and ask for a modest donation.

Finally, unlike programs at these private clubs for only youth members, the program at Wainwright would be available to the public through the rowing provider. In other words, we view this as not changing what is occurring on the harbor waterway, but rather improving access to the shared resource of Milton Harbor.

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