Wainwright House accepts program proposals from experienced presenters. If you would like to present a program at Wainwright House, please download the Proposal Form [PDF] and email the Program Director at Programs are generally reviewed three- six months or more before they are scheduled on a seasonal basis. You will be notified once the Programming Committee has reviewed your request. If you would like to present a program sooner on your own as a space rental, please call 914-967-6080 to rent space. If you choose this option, all marketing will be on your own.  
Your promotional plan and ability to market your program are vital to its approval and success. If your program is approved, your program will be listed on our website, supported through our email campaigns, and possibly listed in other free community listings. It is your responsibility and requirement to co-market your program with us. 

We will notify you regarding the Programming Committee's decision on your proposal. Please do not assume that your program(s) have been accepted until you hear from us. If you need information about the status of your program submission, please call the Program Director at 914-967-6080 ext.102. 

Accepted Programs: 
Programs accepted by the Programming Committee are considered to be joint ventures between Wainwright House and the presenter. Wainwright House may edit or change program descriptions and titles. Wainwright House reserves the right to select which programs will be included, and the location and space allocated. 

Financial Arrangements: 
Wainwright House does not offer honorariums or advance payments. Wainwright House will discuss financial arrangement with you and then offer you an agreement for working together. 

Additional Information: 
Wainwright House is the dedicated to fostering personal growth and ethical values in ourselves, the community and the world. Wainwright House is a non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations and hosts educational programs, retreats and conferences for civic, non-profit and other organizations.