July 20-22, 2018 | Wainwright House Inc

Yin Yoga for Self-Care

with Megan Moss Freeman 

The first step in self-care is figuring out what you need. Yin yoga can be an incredible tool for finding balance within. This is especially true if you experience stress or anxiety in your life. Because these gentle yet deep postures are held for several minutes we have the time to really tune-in and listen to what our body is telling us. Through this quiet contemplation we begin to learn where we are imbalanced and what we need to come back into a more harmonious state of being.  We’ll use Yogic and Daoist breath and meditation techniques to dial up the healing mode. The class will be designed to stretch out and bring awareness to the entire body and will incorporate some gentle Qi Gong in addition to the longer Yin holds. You can expect to leave this workshop feeling more embodied, calm and connected to yourself.


Friday, July 20


About The Event

This workshop is open to the public but it is also part of the Yin Yoga Training Immersion. 


Megan Moss Freeman is on a clear mission to bring more stillness into our busy lives. Cultivating safe and nurturing spaces for people to slowly and lovingly peel back their layers is of utmost importance to her. She encourages freedom of spirit, creativity and looking inward for the answers. She can also be pretty silly and loves a good time.
Yin Yoga and Meditation are the focal points of her offerings as she is passionate about their ability to help with stress and trauma. She offer tools for practitioners to weave into their daily lives to come into a more balanced state of being. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade and you can find her leading trainings, workshops, classes and retreats at www.themosscollective.org. Megan currently resides in Northampton, MA with her young daughter and elderly cat.


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