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On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Staff of Wainwright House, we invite you to enjoy sunset cocktails and appetizers at our Summer Gala on June 13, 2022. 


Sponsorship Opportunities:


Platinum -  $2,500

Gold -   $1,500

Silver - $1,000

Bronze - $500

Community Partner $250

(for 501c3/not for profits)


Your name will be featured on all publicity including press releases, social media and will be highlighted the night of the event with signage and recognition during the event.




Level 1 - $1000

Level 2 - $500

Level 3 - $250

Level 4 - $150

Raffle Tickets:

1 - $20

3 - $50

7 - $100

Wainwright House Inc. is qualified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.


For more than fifty years, Wainwright House has continued to advance its mission of inspiring greater understanding through body, mind, spirit and community. It is with the help of supporters like you that we are able to continue to offer initiatives in spiritual exploration, creativity, health, well-being, and environmental awareness at this beautiful and historic home. COVID-19 has greatly impacted Wainwright House and we are working hard to ensure that we can continue to promote our mission and support our community for many more years to come.


Thank you again for your generous support. We hope you will come and enjoy the offerings and programs at Wainwright House in the near future.


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