"The Beauty that is Wainwright" functions as an organizing principle reconnecting us through spiritual exploration, cultural enrichment, and environmental awareness. It serves to inspire a greater understanding of ourselves in mind, body, spirit naturally leading to a deeper understanding of others. 



Spiritual Exploration: The leading staff and governing board will align our words and actions with the highest purpose for Wainwright House which is to maintain the sanctity for those seeking deeper understanding between themselves and life's creative force. In conjunction with holistic healing and environmental awareness, programming and events are offered to serve and inspire our relationship to the mind-body-spirit connection.

Health and Healing Center: Rebuild a solid holistic venue through the creation of a health and healing center to engage healing in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Formation of a core practitioner staff, training classes in various modalities and two yearly healing arts festivals in summer and winter will be the building blocks of this initiative. 

Ecological Center: In tandem with spiritual exploration and holistic healing establish an ecological center to address the intimate connection between a healthy earth and our own healing. By building public awareness  of environmental of environmental issues, the impact of product, toxins, and pesticides on our children, grandchildren and pets, practical solutions will be presented to help support the very ground that sustains us by living green everyday. 

The Arts: The "Beauty that is Wainwright" will be expressed through the arts, delivering experience beyond the five senses. Cultural programming through varying forms of visual arts, music, dance, theater, and written word will develop and broaden the experience for children, youth and adults. 



Wainwright House is a learning center dedicated to inspiring greater understanding through body, mind, spirit, and community. In this sacred space, we seek to inspire by offering initiatives in spiritual exploration, health and healing, the arts, and environmental awareness. 


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