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Wainwright House: A Picnic Is the Perfect Way to Say Thanks

Wainwright House extended a springtime invitation to “Rye Moms” in appreciation for their invaluable assistance boosting membership as well as charitable donations. The 60 women in attendance May 2 mingled, toured the mansion, learned about programming, and enjoyed a delightful afternoon on the great lawn and down by the waterfront.

Rye Moms often lend a hand to local people and organizations in need. Following recent conversations on

their Facebook page about the financial troubles faced by Wainwright House, several decided to become members and soon afterwards Staci Nussbaum-Ramachandra, Lisa Tannenbaum, Lexy Tomaino, and Kelly Jancski were organizing the picnic, which was so successful that it’s likely to become an annual tradition.

For a calendar of Wainwright offerings, membership opportunities, and information about the history of this remarkable Rye institution, visit And keep an eye on those Rye Moms. Whether they are connecting owners with lost pets, making great recommendations, or dropping off food to sick people, they are always up to some good!

Photos by Melanie Cane

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