We Stand With You

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Dear Wainwright Community,  We Stand With You.

Wainwright House is the oldest non-profit, non-sectarian holistic learning center in the United States dedicated by Fonrose Wainwright Condict to live on as The Center for the Development of Human Potential.   We are heartbroken by the events that have unfolded in our country over the past few weeks - the murder of George Floyd only weeks after Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while out jogging. These acts of injustice towards Black Americans are just recent examples of the systemic racism that has existed in our society for far too long.  This moment, while long overdue, has forced us to more deeply understand what it means to stand for the Development of Human Potential.   The truth is that it means nothing at all if we are not standing with our Black brothers and sisters and demanding change.  Acts of racism have no place in our society and no human being can reach their full potential until all humans have equal access to the opportunities that enable them to be all that they can be.    While restrictions related to COVID 19 have forced us to close our doors, our hearts are open and we join the fight against racism by making diversity and inclusion a priority and a fundamental value of our mission.  There is so much to be done.  We will start by working with our partners and instructors to develop virtual relevant content focused on issues of inequality that helps parents and teachers address these complex issues.  And we call on all members of Wainwright House and the community to be an ally to those who need you.   When the doors to our house are allowed to open again, all are invited to join us for a continuation of the dialogue. Come with an open mind, and open heart, and the courage to drive change.  Together in Solidarity, Wainwright House Board of Trustees

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