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Please note - we use PayPal, but a PayPal account is not required to check out. Click "continue" and you will come to a screen where you can enter the credit card of your choice. Thank you for supporting Wainwright House. Please consider becoming a member if you are not, and visit us soon! 


Calm + Growth

Virtual Teen Yoga


Weekly on Sundays 
4 to 5pm

A 60 minute class of dynamic yoga flow, deep stretch, fun arm balances and relaxation. Build confidence, strength, physical health and greater mindfulness.

UNIS Peacekeepers

Middle Schoolers

Mondays for this 4-week series, starting April 5th

4:30 to 5:30pm

Have you ever felt alone, anxious or stressed with school pressure? Our Peacekeeping club can help you with simple hands-on strategies. Join this fun and peaceful club. 

Highschool Intern Program 

High Schoolers

More Information Coming Soon

A curated program for Rye High Schoolers interested in history.  

Yoga + Mindfulness Workshop


Thursdays for this 6-week series, starting March 4th, but you can still sign up!

Throughout this workshop series, your child will learn tools and techniques to reduce stress, increase focus and deepen concentration, and more. 


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